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Diary of a Cacoon

aka: there is always something else to learn.

26 August 1991
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Let's play the highschool game: I'm the smart kid that might be social, except you don't really know her. A little overweight, and though not butt-ugly, still below your standards as a jock. You don't understand her, probably never will, but oh well. Her good grades aren't going to get her anywhere, right?

Now let's hit reality:
I'm an intelligent high school girl praying to soon be free of that chain through the magic of MASMC.
I'm a bisexual wiccan and have been comfortable with my sexuality and religious beliefs for over two years now.
I wear my socks inside-out, probably have bad circulation, and have a large affinity for cheesecake and yaoi (not together. . .normally.)
I love animals, but my chinchillas and I don't exactly see eye-to-eye on most subjects.
I don't care what everyone else sees, hears, or thinks, as long as I'm comfortable with myself. (I'm not)

Still wanna talk? ^______^ Feel free.